The House of Bold BrowsPermanent Make-up After Care

What you should do:

Relax! The hard part is done already. All we ask is that you follow some simple rules, the most important one being no touching! You are welcome to take a nice bath, 24 hours after your procedure (no soaking area in water, this includes hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas.) During this time, we also ask that you please avoid any heavy sweating. This means no heavy workouts, or bacteria filled Yoga and Pilates environments.

To reduce swelling and help healing:

Please keep this area clean, dry and moist with the after care kit provided. You may use the ointments provided to you by Cleopatra Brow Bar in your take home After Care Kit. You should also avoid direct sunlight and avoid any spray tans or sun beds during this time.

Healing Process:

Everyone is different.  The healing process can take anywhere from 5 days - 10 days. it is important to be patient with your body, and avoid touching the treated area. Please do not use any other products on the treated area, unless advised by your Brow Tech.

Please note that every tattoo consultation is personalized for our clients. This is a general outline for after care. For further instructions please review all the documents provided to you by one of our Cleopatra Brow Bar Brow Techs at your initial consultation.